lunes, 7 de enero de 2008

DISCLOSE - "The Aspects of War" 10" & "4 Track E.P. 1997"

DISCLOSE - "The Aspects of War" 10"

For those not aware DISCLOSE were not always a "straight DISCHARGE rip-off" Sure DISCHARGE played a large part of their influence but there were other bands that they were influenced by and these were divided by "era's" such as the recent era was known as "Dis-Bones" mixing the BROKEN BONES and DISCHARGE sound. During the 1997-98 period their recordings were known as "Dis-Lickers", using the SKITSLICKERS influence and they released 2 tapes titled "Total Dislickers" (Self-released), which the tracks were made for Comp releases but ended up being on the split w/ TOTALITAR, and "The Aspects of War" which was a split release on Crust War Records and Chaos of Destruction (Kawakami's old label) under a small press of 200 which was later re-issued as a 10" EP on the FFT Label as FFT -014. They also recorded a 7" EP titled "4 Track EP 1997" which the cover was similar to the "Warsystem/Sprackta Snutskallar" EP by SKITSLICKERS. The 7" EP was released on Overthrow records as Overthrow-020 on a pressing of 1,000 w/ Ltd Edition Clear Blue vinyl maybe only 300 of those were made. It was said that there was going to be a new 'era' added to the DISCLOSE catalog, ending the "Dis-Bones" before Kawakami's passing unfortunately those will be never be heard of, Unless the folks at Dan-Doh find hidden recordings..

DISCLOSE - "4 Track E.P. 1997"

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